World-class scale blue hydrogen and ammonia production and export facility on the U.S. Gulf Coast. Humble Midstream and Enbridge Inc. are jointly engaged in the planning and development phase for a utility scale ultra-low carbon production facility capable of supplying both low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia.

The proposed facility will be located at the Enbridge Ingleside Energy Center (EEIC) near Corpus Christi, Texas, which provides seaborne access to global chemical and energy markets via the Corpus Christi Ship Channel.

The goal of the joint Humble-Enbridge project is to provide affordable, low-carbon blue hydrogen and ammonia to a global and domestic marketplace that is seeking low-carbon alternative fuels.

How it Works

Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas using auto thermal reforming, commonly known as ATR. Up to 95 percent of the carbon dioxide released from this chemical process is then captured and stored deep underground.

Ammonia is produced from hydrogen and nitrogen and it is one of the most transported chemicals worldwide. When ammonia is cooled or compressed, it is in the liquid form, which makes it convenient to ship in large volumes. Ammonia (NH3) is typically the “suitcase” molecule for hydrogen when shipped on marine vessels. At the destination site it is either used as ammonia or converted back to hydrogen, depending on the customer’s needs.

Our companies are in the development stage of jointly exploring this opportunity. Enbridge and Humble plan to jointly market the capacity of the proposed facility and are presently engaged in discussions with several potential offtake customers. With full customer support in the form of offtake agreements to sanction the project, followed by obtaining all regulatory approvals, the earliest in-service date for the new facility would be in 2026.